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  • You've started your business. You have your clients. It's not uncommon for business owners to start without a plan to brand themselves, and that's okay! Since you've settled in, it's time to invest in some of the areas you neglected starting up, but where to start?

  • kitch·en-sink [kich-uhn-singk] –adjective:
    Marked by an indiscriminate and omnivorous use of elements: a kitchen-sink approach to moviemaking.

    When first working with new clients, many naturally lean toward an online presence that gives it all, hoping to showcase everything they do, adding in social media, a hint of blog, and a heavy portion of way too much content. All in one page!

    While I'm not one to disagree with a demanding customer, I also feel it important to provide context to their own online marketing decisions.

  • Business in a weakened economy is an echo chamber to a self-fulfilling prophecy. It's a slippery slope that always happens because, quite frankly, people believe what they see on tv. However, the trend eventually reverses once people, and especially small businesses, determine that things just can't get any worse.

    Yes, it takes some cheerleading, but the economy will fix itself. Unfortunately many businesses miss the opportunities that present themselves either by overreacting to recessions or by not realizing when the market is ready to start trading again. With this in mind, here are several ways you can keep the bad economy from dooming your financial ventures.

  • Every business, regardless of what market it competes in, boils down to one thing: selling. If you can't make sales, your business is already dead. Might as well declare bankruptcy right now.

    Sane Strategy doesn't want you to fail. In fact, we want you to succeed without even trying. The best kind of business is one that is self-sustaining. Let the money come to you, while you finish mowing the yard for your wife or watch football with your friends.